Turok Evolution

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    Народ кто проходил игру дайте совет.Застрял на уровне "Entering the base".Там где с базы на базу протянут широкий канат.Т.е поднимаюсь по ящикам на верх.Надо мной канат.А как залездь или зацепиться за него чтобы попасть на соседнюю базу не знаю.
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    Grab the Medikit and Poison Arrows on the right, then move behind the
    tower with the searchlight and face the main path. Poison Arrow the
    patrolling guard and, using the tanks for cover, move along the right
    side wall and stop at the corner. Turn right and poison the walking
    guard. If you set the alarm off, run to the end of this area to where
    all the boxes are and wait it out. Then/Otherwise move up to the opening
    in the wall, there's two guards inside this square "room." A well placed
    Explosive Arrow will get both of them, and set off the alarm(it would go
    off anyway, so no big deal) Stay inside the small room and Explosive
    Arrow any enemies that come at you until the alarm stops. Then make
    your way back to the tanks. There's nothing but enemies in the big
    building to the left, so skip it. The smaller building in the middle
    has a Spider Mine which will be useful coming up(but there's another
    one up ahead as well, which is easier to grab usually). The gate you
    need to get through is on the right at the end of the wall. Quickly
    run to the gate between the patrolling Slegs and E.Arrow any one who
    comes at you. If the alarm goes off, wait by the gate until it stops,
    then hit the switch and go in.

    Wait for the first gate to close and the second will open, then move
    quickly to the small nook on the right with the two boxes. Break them
    for some health/ammo then Poison Arrow snipe the two patrolling guards
    near the watch towers. Move along the right wall, turn right, and go
    to the door on the right by the barricade. If you need a Spider Mine,
    and you should get one for the next part, go to the water beyone the
    watch towers, jump in and go under on the right side. There's a small
    hole that leades to the inside of the building by the right watch tower,
    on a table in there is a Spider Mine. Go through the doors and back to
    the door on the right side of the barricade.

    Go through the door, into the room with a crate and some chairs,
    get the health/ammo inside the crate then move to the other door in the
    room and go through. You'll be in the room with the hostages in cages
    along the left wall. Go to the opposite end of the room and hit the
    switch by the opening to free them. Go outside the opening for some
    Poison Arrows on the left, and a Medikit on the right. Go back in to the
    hostage room, and the door you came in on is the one on the left, and
    the one you want to go through now is on the right.

    Exit the door and run across to the bushes near the opposite wall's
    corner. Move quickly to the next set of bushes and turn back towards the
    way you came. Poison Arrow the walking guard by the wall, then turn and
    face the lightpost in front of you. Poison the walking Sleg there as well.
    Now, look over at the far wall, across the base, there's another Sleg
    walking there so zoom in and poison it. Run across the field towards the
    door with torches on either side. Enter the doorway and you'll see a
    doorway into a room full of sleeping Slegs. Go past it and follow the
    U turn of the building to the area with some boxes. Use a Spider Mine
    from here to go into the room and use the speaker(1st mode) to wake
    them up, then use the gas(second one down) or Explosion(3rd one down)
    to kill most of them, then run in and kill the rest with the shotgun or
    Flechettes. Get your Explosive Arrows ready and move through the door
    on the left. There's a Huge Sleg in there, so strafe left into the room
    and fire an E. Arrow as soon as you see him. Keep using them until he
    doesn't try to get back up. WHen he's dead, break the crate in the other
    corner to get the Minigun Barrels for the Flechette gun. Grab the Minigun
    ammo the Huge Sleg dropped and go out the door(the one you didn't come
    in from). Usually there's a guy standing right by the door, so he sounds
    the alarm. Blast him(save the Minigun for now) and run to the right,
    keeping the big barricade wall to your left, go across the path to the
    next building on your right. Go in the door on the right and use the
    Shotgun to take out the three Slegs on the ground floor inside. Switch
    to the Minigun and move to the stairs, go up and blast the Huge Sleg
    with the Minigun to take him down quickly. Move up the stairs and go
    right, then right again and get the Large Medikit in the crate.
    Climb up the ladder to the tower and jump up on the crates to reach the
    rope. Use the rope to move across the whole area, to another tower
    behind the big barricade. Jump down from the tower and avoid the lone
    Sleg walking in front of the ramp. Jump up from the side of the ramp
    and go right, into the entrance, to end this chapter.
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    Спасибо конечно.Я уже читал подобное.Тут конкретно не описано что нажимать.Просто переместитесь по веревке.А этого иногда бывает мало.Вообщем как оказалось необходимо точно встать под канатом и нажать одновременно R3,L3